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Single Freestyle Lash Map

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SINGLE Detailed Freestyle Lash Map to showcase your versatility to your clients!

Adding Freestyle Sets to my booking site truly gave my clients a different perspective on Lash Extensions and how many styles you can create.  Adapting to not using the “Tapeback Method”, I have decided to teach myself how to layer my sets WITHOUT using the Tapeback Method.


Wanna become a lash FREESTYLIST but struggle creating 3D to 5D sets? This Lash Map Ebook is just for you Boo! With strategic techniques that will give you dramatic AUTHENTIC wispy, beautiful layered sets that automatically make you stand out from the rest in the Lash Industry!

All sets created using our LAO Matte Cashmere Lash Trays, & Fiber/Non Fiber Tweezer Collection you can also find on our website! You will need a pair of our volume tweezers to create narrow to super wide fans throughout each lash mapping with ease ❤️ We have Extended Fiber tip Isolation tweezers to ensure you reach every layer on your clients natural lashes!

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-Advanced Detailed Mapping